Saturday, March 28, 2009

My name is Lady Jane and I am an addict....

I have a confession.... I am a full blown addict of ETSY!!

If you don't already know..ETSY is a website dedicated to buying and selling all things handmade. If you don't know about it...check it out.

I need a fix daily. Its all I can think about when I am at work and can't wait to get home and log on to browse the lovely items and read all the articles. Its a real problem people..... but since I have this addiction why not share it with everyone:)) I plan on at least once a week showcasing a few items that have caught my eye.

PURSES...let me tell ya right know...I love purses and jewelry...I mean love them!!

First up....these first two gorgeous creations are designed by Made By Hank. When you get to her shop there are more views of the purses including the inside and back. I just love them!!!!

Cute right?????

Some have commented on my blog design and wondered where I got it or if I did it myself. Well, its a big fat NO for the question "did I do it myself". Don't get me wrong I tried...but I'm loser at all things technology! Really I am!
My design is courtesy of a designer on you guessed it...ETSY.
ETSY has this great feature called ALCHEMY. On Alchemy you can post a custom piece that you would like designed and made. You type a description of you want, when you want it, and how much you would like to pay. Then other designers/artists bid on it and you pick who you ultimately want. How great is that???
I looked at all the blog design websites and if you wanted anything custom - it was extremely expensive and anything that was a pre-made..wasn't what I was looking for. So I decided to try ALCHEMY. And I had 5 bids within the first 2 hours. I ultimately picked DoLollies. She was amazing to work with...very easy!!!! I recommend her to anyone who would like to change up their blog!! Also, if you look over at my blogroll - I have her personal website on their ( she advertises that she does blog design on there) Her Blog is Actually Laura.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend and that they keep coming back here...even after my last disgusting post. Hey it was TMI Thursday..what so you expect??
The Lady Jane


  1. I love love love Etsy too! I spend hours on there when I allow myself to go there!

  2. Yep, I am addicted to Etsy as well! I've gotten a few handbags off there & am looking at buying some prints to hang in my bedroom. I like supporting these talented people v. buying stuff from huge department stores!

  3. I LOVE Etsy. It is like my drug. LOL. That is why I decided to open a store. I needed something to pay for my addiction of shopping on there.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like yours, I think I am going to stick around and stalk. hehehehe....

  4. Oh wow, I had no idea you could do that! I might have to offer myself up as a bidder...

    btw, LOVE that first purse!

  5. Lilu- all you have to do is open up a shop - it doesn't cost anything...that would be awesome!

  6. Aw!! Thank you so much for your kind words . . . made my night. :D Your blog was so much fun to work with. Now I'm looking forward to the reading part!! :D

  7. I've checked out Etsy before and definitely found some cute things! However, I have banned myself from buying clothes/accessories until I've paid off one of my credit cards.

    And no, the SATC tour did NOT stop at Carrie's stoop! I was so disappointed! They did tell us that her stoop was actually comprised of many stoops, but still, I wanted to be all cheesy and sit on "her" stoop. I did find out where she lives though ;)

  8. So, I found your blog through Dissolved Girls, and like her, I think I will follow yours. I'm also new to the blogging world. :)

    I haven't really cruised Etsy, but am considering it. :)

  9. I love Etsy :) The Vintage Pearl is my current favorite shop, but I try to limit myself to looking only once or twice per week b/c I end up spending way too much money otherwise.

  10. Shame on me, I never heard of Etsy until now.
    I checked it out and fell in love with the Wee Gnomes (don't ask!).

    BTW, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I love comments.

    P.S. A disgusting post?!? Oh I gotta read that.

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you liked it! I've been wanting to revamp mine. I want a 3-column template. I tried doing it myself, but it was a disaster. Etsy it is! I love that place.

  12. I saw those purses just the other day and almost got one! Glad you found my blog!

  13. Great blog! Love the design. I'll be checking in on you too. :)

  14. I LOVE ETSY! My first (and only - thus far) purchase was a beautiful set of peacock feather earrings. I've never gotten so many compliments from all ages on anything I've ever worn. I am so in love with Etsy that I'm only allowed to browse on holidays or I'd send us to the poorhouse.

    What I did NOT know about was Alchemy, and this, my new friend, is exactly what I have been searching for! Thank you so much! I very much look forward to catching up on all of your older posts. Thanks for stopping by! xxx