Thursday, April 2, 2009

I call SABOTAGE!!!!


It has been "hell" week at work...well actually it has been "hell" month..but really bad this week. Of course it probably wouldn't have had to be as bad as it was if I wasn't such an incredible procrastinator. I feel like I have made it into an art form. You know the old saying
" Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today"..or some crazy shit like that. Well let me tell ya those are not words I live by. I wish it was but at this late stage in my life...those things likely aren't going to change...but I am gonna try anyways:)

Which brings me to my real reason for posting. I have a confession..yes another one. I am a sabotager...of myself. I am driving myself crazy! I know exactly what my problem is, yet I do nothing about it. Oh wait..yes I do. I make it WORSE!

Want to lose weight. I make a detailed plan of action including a grocery list for my oh so yummy low calorie recipes and then I order the two large pizza for one deal...within the hour.

Make a list of things I need to do for work and give each task a due date ( like tomorrow) and then I read blogs for two hours and surf the net.

I make a pledge to re-quit smoking ( I started up again) and have great convo with boyfriend about my "really never wanting to smoke..bad for health, blah, blah" Sneak out of the house under the statement " I need to get something for my lunch the next day" and go buy a pack! Again within the hour!

Ahhhh.... I am telling you this list could go on and on and on... no lie.

Where is my will power...dammit! I mean its one thing to try and then fall off the wagon but I don't even get on the wagon! I need help! Serious help. and I call myself a counselor! HA HA HA

So I have joined Operation Muffin(topple) with Catherinette at the Catherinette Chronicles. I need to get rid of this extra baggage that I put on post-surgery. I need some accountability! I will be giving you updates...

BTW..I snuck out and smoked a ciggie during this post! AAhhhhh....
Will Somebody please kick my ass! Please! Real hard!!!

The Lady Jane


  1. Oh. My. God. This post is ME!! (well, aside from the smoking). Where's this support group?

  2. Well now, I WOULD kick your ass but it's been five months of winter here in cold Canadialand therefore I have done nothing but eat that whole time and gloat that it's been too cold to exercise therefore, I have no right to nag ANYONE.

  3. I'm on the same page as The Vegetable Assassin! I tell myself that I will eat salads and tuna for a month because it's too cold to exercise here and I get HAMBURGERS for dinner! lol

    Not that I even exercise in the warm months...still find excuses somehow...

  4. Sassy- I need a support group for Self-Sabatogers! I'll start one! Wanna Join???

    VB and Kathleen - I'm in i totally get you and use the same excuses!!! Its Spring now...but really the forecast for next week is calling for snow! WTF?????

  5. It's official. We ARE related.

  6. Too funny! We are soul sisters or something like it! :)

  7. Join the club because I am the President of club Self-Sabatogers. For example, this morning when I was driving into work I was making a mental list of everything I am going to do today and that I wont get on the net. Guess what I am doing? On the net, reading blogs. LOL.

  8. Wow! I do those things too!!!!!! Why????!!!!!