Friday, April 10, 2009

Confession Friday

I titled this post "Confession Friday" and who knows maybe I will make it an every Friday thing. I'm thinking that somebody I'm sure already does it, but I don't know who that person is.... so its all good:)

Anyways, I believe a week ago today ( or tomorrow. I'm too lazy too look) i made a post about all I was going to get done over Spring Break, well...ummmm...that didn't exactly happen. I did, however, get together with my friends and did a lot of drinking. Hey...connecting with my friends was on that list...go look!! Point being I didn't get as much done as I would have hoped. So now with three days left, I'm going to put it in overdrive.

So here is my confession....I am not a good housekeeper nor very observant.... here is the proof!

I bought groceries yesterday...finally! When I was putting them away, I noticed there was this funk coming from our refrigerator. Well, there was a lot of containers in there that needed to be cleaned out and that's when I uncovered this:

This was a nice crisp healthy salad like 3 maybe 4 weeks ago!! When I pulled off the cover I was gagging so hard..I did have to choke back vomit. The stench was.....words can't describe!! Everything was congealed and moldy..ugh..oops..throwing up a little bit right now..just thinking about it....

Just one more pic...its an important one. See the black slime when I tipped it?! See it? Ugh...

So there was no way I was going to put that down in our garbage disposal... I don't think putting all the lemons in the world down with it could cover this smell.

So I tied a shirt around my face ( robber style) went out to my yard...poured sludgy contents into a bag and put it out in the trash can. I thought that would take care of it...oh no... the smell has permeated our yard (where some contents did not quite make it in the bag) and now the garage because I tied it up in a bag and put it in the trash can.

I can't believe this little ol' salad has made this much of a stink! A neighbor actually commented that our street was starting to smell like sewage and asked me if I could smell it!! There was no way that I was telling him it was because of me!

Oh and I wish I could say that was all I found in the fridge that falls in the "that's so disgusting I could puke" category, but it is the one that won't seem to go away!! I won't even park my car in the garage. I'm afraid its going to be like that Seinfeld Episode..where they couldn't get the BO smell out of the car. You know what I'm talking about!!

So there just goes to show ya that it doesn't always pay off to eat healthy!!

Oh and BTW The Duke informed me that the bowl that the salad was in was actually a "salad spinner/dryer thingy" and not a "salad storage thingy"...whoops:)

The Lady Jane


  1. Too funny! Did you save the bowl? Does it stink? I might have been inclined to just seal up the bowl in 5 plastic bags and just get rid of it forever. Unless it's like a Pampered Chef-type bowl. Then that changes things.

    My fridge goes for a max of 2 weeks without getting cleaned out. It's always fun to rediscover those things that I'd forgotten that I made!

  2. Awwww, nasty! I am so completely food storage illiterate, and this happens to me more often than I care to admit!

  3. Miss Lady Jane! I just noticed that you commented over on my blog, and I feel like a schmuck for not visiting you sooner. I love your blog and I'll be sure to come on back and read more! :) Thanks for reading!

  4. I am crying laughing. Finally, someone worse than me!! ;-) *snort*

  5. DeMo- I totally would have done that too..but it wasn't my I felt I had to clean it especially since it was more than a bowl - it was a salad spinner contraption.

    Sassy- It happens to me A LOT!! But this stench...was more than anything before!

    Jaxie- I always love it when people come back! Don't like one night stands...

    KiKi- Glad I could make you cry, laugh and snort! Mission accomplished:))

  6. Oh goodness! That does look pretty bad. I gagged a little at the black slimey stuff hahaha!

  7. UGH! LOL

    You know the funny thing? As soon as I saw the picture I was like "what did she store it in..a basket? I wonder what kind of bowl that is" lol

    Confession Fridays and TMI Tuesdays are awesome! I say- Keep them!!!

  8. I am pretty sure that I would have just thrown the whole thing away!

  9. I so do this. Oh yes. There have been many a tupperware container of food that has to be hauled across the road and chucked over the fence they smell so bad. Ewwwwww. Sometimes I wonder why I even keep leftovers. I rarely eat them.

  10. Ewww, have to admit though I tend to throw the containers away if the contents look scary / like some kind of crazy experiment!! x

  11. I'm pretty sure I just through up and swallowed it back down. Thanks for the pics. *insert sarcasm*

    BTW...I do a Friday Confession of sorts. I'm a newbie at it but it's super fun! Let's see how long it lasts.

  12. Kathleen - glad you enjoy them.. i will give it my all!

    Mandy, Brunhilda, and Jen - I agree with throwing the container away..if it was a tupperware container. The Duke is always asking where all our tupperware keeps disappearing to. But this thing was pricey didn't see the lid ...its all fancy with this thing that pushes down to spin the salad and has a super it was the Duke's...and he throws nothing away (another post) and he would deinately know I threw it out ^^sigh^^.

    Impulsive addict - I know..I just left yolu a comment about it:) Sorry about the puking:)

  13. Good Lord - that was AWFUL! Kinda like a car wreck - you just can't look away... ;)

    I have to admit, I've had leftovers that I've thrown away WITH THE TUPPERWARE they were in because I was scared to even open, but you're right - that salad spinner is a bit pricier than some cheap tupperware. It needed to be saved. Good work.

  14. This happened to me last weekend. I was putting off cleaning our fridge out because I was afraid of what I would find. Every time we opened the fridge, the smell was horrendous. Now that my fridge is clean, I don't want to buy any groceries cuz bad things happen when our fridge contains anything more than sparkling water and baking soda.

  15. Ohmagosh. That's disgusting. You should probably just blame that one on a "science experiement". Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up on the FCs! I'm hoping more people will join in...we'll see.

    Hope you're having a great week!

  16. Now I don't feel so bad...I just found the Thanksgiving mashed potato leftovers in the second refrigerator that's in the pool house. And the best part? They're still there! I haven't planned my attack yet.

    And please don't take my name in vain:)

    Stephanie 'Funk'