Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter + Moola = No hoo

As far back as I can remember we had an Easter tradition.... that is until this year...sniff...sniff( blotting tears )...

My parents knew how to get us excited every year for Easter and also how to bring us home every year after we moved out of the house for that matter. They are verrryy smart those parents of mine. At a very young age they started the tradition of the "Easter Hunt"!! with a twist!!! Instead of looking for those ugly dyed eggs( ya know..because I always got over zealous with the colors and mixed too many and the eggs always came out looking like mud) or a basket full of goodies we hunted for MONEY! Sweet Money! Sweet, Sweet Money

Each year my parents painstakingly labeled a bunch of sandwich bags with our different initials and then filled them with dollar bills and hid them all over the house. Sometimes there were as many as twenty sandwich bags for each of us to find. Every Easter morning my dad, in all his glory ,would get out the infamous Easter stopwatch because, of course, it was a competition!!! My brother and I competed to see who could find all their baggies first. The prize for finishing numero uno was, of course, more money!! Sometimes our totals would be a 100$ each but there were some years where we got 200$ each. Now, I know your probably thinking we were some richy rich family and just threw money around like it grew on trees...but that's what made it so special...we most definitely were NOT richy rich. We were blue collar middle class family where my parents worked hard for their money!!

My brother and I would get so excited and then proceed to beat the hell out of each other trying to get to our bags. It was like a roller-derby in our living room. I'm not gonna lie there may have been a few bruises, a fat lip, and possibly a black eye. (That's the Easter spirit!) We would try to sabotage each other too. If I came across one of my brother's bags ...I would shove it in my pocket, bras, whatevs... and run around with it until I found all of mine and then slip it into a hiding place. You never knew how much the bonus prize would be. One year it was 2 dollars and another year it could be 50 dollars!! High Stakes were at play!

Ever since this tradition first started we begged , pleaded, made my parents swear that we would ALWAYS do this every Easter. ( Gosh, don't my brother and I sound like brats?? We were good kids, though. Yeah!...I swear!) My parents always replied with "Well until your married...then were done." Well, I'm pretty sure the 'rents' didn't think that their kids would be in their thirties and still not married. Joke's on them!! BBwwaaaa..... They kept their promise though and faithfully hid those baggies every year. That is until this year!!!!

My stupid, selfish, idiot of a brother went and got himself married. I mean he had the nerve to go and fall in love with some girl that I am thrilled to be sisters with now. How dare he??!! Son of a B**&^%!! Just had to take it from me...only thinking of himself!! Doesn't he know I plan on that money every year!! Sheesh... ( and I am not kidding when I say...that one of the first thoughts I had in my head when he told me he was engaged was "Huh...I wonder if this will effect me on Easter?" Not proud..but the truth. Thats what I do here people, I tell the truth... anyways back to the story)

So now its just Easter...celebrating that Christ has risen ( is that right? I really should know this!! Uh, oh not good... note to self :: find out meaning of Easter) and spending time with the Fam. I did try the "Hey, I'm not married! I can still hunt for money"..but guessed go. Its a little sad though..and not because of the money! REALLY, I'm serious!! Its a tradition that is now over and I feel officially old. That was the last of my childhood traditions....c'mon that's sad...right?

Sad in my heart but also sad in my bank account....

Seriously though...HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

The Lady Jane


  1. Awww lol no money? How dare your brother fall in love - I completely agree with you! Maybe if you ask your rents nicely they'll come up with a tradition just for you? x

  2. should get the baggies until there is a ring on your finger too. :( Happy Easter anyway!

  3. That is one of the cutest things ever... way better than the Reese's and Jelly Bellies my mama sent me! Still makes me nostalgic though :-)

  4. Sounds cute :) I would have done the same thing and blame him too lol

  5. I think maybe you should make your BROTHER pay you until you get married, because HE broke the tradition!

  6. Serena - I tried, really I did..but no more...

    Gina- I agree with you!!!!

    Lilu - I love Reeses! was cute:)

    Insomniaclolita- Yeah!! Its all his fault!

    Sassy- Great idea!!!!! Love it:)

  7. Until you guys have kids! Then maybe you can get them to do it again...

    SOunds like fun though!

  8. Would it still be funny if you were running around all alone? They should have put some cash for you in a card and called it a day.

  9. Dang - i would have loved to receive that kind of money as a kid, but just the typical easter basket for me. Now I don't get anything. Sigh!

  10. That would be an AWESOME tradition. But that is sad that it is now a memory. Boo on your bro. Who does he think he is falling in lurve and stuff?!@!?!

  11. Growing up is like getting kicked in the stomach on a daily basis.

    Me to my Mom three years ago, 'What do you MEAN you don't want to pay my cell phone bill anymore? I thought you LOVE to do that!!!?'