Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EMO has left the building!!!!!!!!

Just a quick update on "EMO".

EMO did not come to school yesterday ..apparently he refused. We sent a truant officer to his house. HEY...its not like he didn't know that was going to happen! He did, however, come today and once again he was not a happy camper. Long story short...

EMO tried hitting another student... I yelled at him to stop...he yelled profanity back...I got my calm back and told him pretty much if he was in our classroom he needed to follow our rules ( god, I sound like my mom..but I'm much cooler..really I am!") .. more profanity from EMO... told him he needed to go to the ISS room in no uncertain terms. He said he wanted me "to rot in hell" coupled with the middle finger. I told him not to worry I was probably going there anyways. He said that he could do whatever he wanted and there was nothing we could do. I asked him if he really wanted to try...then went to my desk and made like I was reaching for the phone He went to the ISS room but then destroyed a few things..ya know to save face in front of the other students.

Yelled some death threats... of course... blah..blah..

Police Liaison came and probation lovely little EMO now has a date with the judge at 11am tomorrow morning. Hey , don't mess with the Lady Jane.

Just so you know its not just about threatening me.. i have to protect my other crazy mo-fo boys!!!! He threatened them too. They may drive me crazy but I am mighty protective of them.

Come back tomorrow for my TMI Thursday post!!!!!

Hint: It does have to do with one of the 4 P's.



  1. Is it wrong that I hope he gets a harsh judge!? You are a SAINT for what you do!!

  2. SIB- I hope not because thats what I am hoping for too!!! Cross your fingers.

  3. That is EXCELLENT news! (the part about him having to see the judge, of course)

    I hope he gets transferred to another school, or at least another class...for your sake :)

    Good Job Lady Jane! You showed him who's boss!

  4. Yikes! That kid obviously has issues that go beyond what you are able to write here, but at the end of the day, people do have to take responsibility for their own actions. Hopefully the judge sees that!

  5. "I told him not to worry I was probably going there anyways."

    And THAT is Reason #2983572893 why I love you and your blog.

  6. "I told him not to worry I was probably going there anyways." - I'd like more on this please! Hege. I actually wrote a post where I asked someone to "save me a bed in hell, with cushions" and then emailed this to a specific person to let them know I'd meet them there! So, if we don't meet before I'll meet you there hehe!! x