Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm alive!!!

Like the title states...I am still here to write another post!!

The infamous 'Emo" kid showed up today. Apparently stealing 10.00 headphones is not going to put you in the pokey. I mean if the knife and baseball bat incidents didn't do it- I wasn't too confident in the headphones being the situation to put him away. ( However, there were many a promises from others that it would).

He was here today and he was NOT in a good mood. He actually left in the middle of the day after he told us to "F%^& off and he was getting the hell out of here". Well - I should have known. I mean we WERE making a lot of demands on him and the other kids. We actually asked them to watch a movie *gasp* I KNOW!! - complete child abuse, right?
I just have to say that we NEVER watch movies and in fact this was our first all year. Apparently, he had already watched it before and he doesn't "do" movies ( although I know he does!). I went out had my talk with him..had another stare down and then we locked him out of the classroom. HEY, don't judge! If he didn't want to be in the classroom - then he was NOT going to be in the classroom.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when we reminded him that he could not sit with the kids on level 4 and 5 at lunch. He promptly replied back "F%^& that ( he loves that word - well me too, but whatevs) and stayed in his seat. The other boys looked at me expectantly - and I said "Boys take your game and go into the classroom" in my I mean business tone of voice. So they all got up and then EMO said "Fine, I'll move". So he got up and walked away from the table turned around to me and said " F*@& this ( see, I told ya - he really likes it) I'm getting the hell outta here. I'm calling my mom!"
So I said " Just remember to hit 9 - to get an outside line!" Hee
He goes in the room goes to the phone - stands there a minute - turns around and comes back and says" I don't know my phone number". Priceless.....

Don't worry I got his number, he talked to his mom, he got picked up and then I called his truancy officer and his P.O. We will see if he shows tomorrow:)

LOVE IT!!!!!



  1. Oh those E.D. boys. I do love them but I couldn't teach them all day. I love how when he gets mad he's going to call his mom....although not knowing his number is just icing. You deserve a gold star today, Lady Jane.

  2. Sorry, but I couldn't do it. I would quit.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. I've had kids like that ... you sort of want to throttle them, but sort of want to hug them, too, when you consider the things they've gone through.

    I'm not a pushover or anything, and I'm as hard as I need to be with my students (I teach ninth graders), but I sometimes go to pieces on my ride home from work just thinking about what must have happened to make them so blessed angry at the world.

    Good luck : )

  4. I seriously admire your ability to do this job. It's not something a lot of people could do. I think it does speak to what kind of person you are. So! Good for you..and keep those stories coming :)

  5. Whoa. Who doesn't know their phone number? What an odd duck this kid is. I hope he can get some help... And huge props to you for being able to handle someone like that. That would be...well, impossible for me! :)

  6. Truancy officer? P.O.? It is a crazy life you lead, my love!

  7. Holy Cow! What an adventure! I can't even stand to babysit, let alone do what you do. Bless you for sticking to it. You're awesome!

  8. By this point, I'm sure the TO and PO are on your speed dial!

    I used to work an after school program and I seemed to attract all of the "bad" kids with behavioral problems. They were way more entertaining than the good kids, and somehow, I was able to get them to listen to me. Apparently, I'm the Bad Kid Whisperer - and I miss it everyday!

    Good luck with Emo!!

  9. WOW...he didn't know his own number. WOW.

    hilarious story!

  10. Nightmares. I seriously have nightmares that my kids turn out like that. How humiliating would it be to parent that child?

    I will admit, I was a tough cookie and high school was no picnic for me or my mom and dad. But I wasn't THAT bad!


  11.'re making life with one toddler seem pretty darn good.

    BTW - who doesn't know their phone number?

  12. you are totally evil! I love you, I wish I could lock kids outside and call someone PO! sounds fuN!