Friday, April 17, 2009

Confession Friday and the Po Po!!!

What am I doing you ask?

Oh, just completing a statement form for the Police.

Why am I doing that you ask?

Because the kids I work with are mofo crazy!!

Is it because of the kid you mentioned last week that made journal entry about slaughtering you all like cows?

No. The statements are about two different situations regarding two different kids

Is this the first time you had to make a statement?

Actually this is my second one this week.

What happened you ask?

Which time? Out of 5 school days, the police had to come for 4 of them.
And yes, you read it correctly 4 F#$CK*NG times!!

One of several reasons I keep this blog anonymous is because of what I do for a living and because of the kids I work with. I truly care about about these boys and feel terrible about what they have to deal on a day to day basis in just trying to keep it together. However, they troll the internet looking for info on us staff either for humor or for their lawsuit of the week.
I may feel like I want to cry during the day but after their gone and I think about what they say and do...I laugh until I cry. They are certainly entertaining!

1st police visit came on Monday when the teacher , me, the boy ( who wrote the homicidal journal entry), his mom, our superintendent, and the police representative met.

The 2nd time they came is because one kid beat the hell out of another kid in the classroom and also punched a couple of staff members in the process who were trying to break it up. No, not me I made the phone call for back up. I should note that since starting work there this school year I have been punched twice, just not this time. Yay for me! Oh yeah and they started fighting because of who was going to be the banker in Monopoly..isn't that precious?

The 3rd time the police had to come is because one of the boys ( who is new to us and has only been there a month) made verbal threats to us and also toward two of the students. ( Things like "I am going to choke you till your head pops off your neck" (to another student) Then when the teacher and I confronted him - he tried to intimidate us with his size and **staring us down** his trademark move.

Side note- this kid is 6 foot 4 inches and WELL over two bills. He considers himself "EMO" very dark. Wears crazy eyeliner, paints around his eyes red. He came to us after he was in the psych ward. Which isn't a big deal because all our kids go there at one time or another. However, this kid went there after he beat his mom with a baseball bat till she was unconscious. Why is he not in Juvie you ask? Great question!!! He was supposed to be. Oh...did I mention that two months before that he held a knife to the throat of his mom while the police surrounded his house.....

Anyways, after he threatened us and did his staring thing he left the building....with our headphones! For some reason the teacher and I thought we really needed to have those headphones back. HEY! they were school property and he LEFT the building!!!!! We did ask for him to hand them over several times.

Long story short ..we followed him..had the police called...and he was picked up.

Supposedly, they are trying once again to lock him up, but since we didn't hear anything. My guess is he will be back on Monday. AAHHHH.......

4th reason the police had to come. One of our other kids did not like the fact that he was going to be in In School Suspension that day and went a little bonkers and refused to take his meds. We called for back up ( some men teachers) and we had to move the kid to the boom boom room. (The padded room). Whereas...the kid tried to take the door off the hinges by ramming his body into it several times. Lots of threats...some against us , some against himself. Soo...a mobile crisis team came to assess which resulted in the police taking said student and transporting him to the hospital. Phew..... There were several other things he did but those were the highlights.

Today, we completely spoiled the boys that are on the upper levels ( our behaviors system). We took them outside to the football field to play around and then ordered pizza for them and let them play X-box in the afternoon. For the first time when said "thank you" several times and smiled ....I knew it was genuine and My heart melted! !!

Confession for this Friday: I took complete and udder joy in parading the pizzas by the kids that are currently serving ISS. I sooo did not have to take the route that went by them. Funniest one of the boys that is in ISS yelling " IS THAT PIZZA???? IS THAT FIVE DOLLAR HOT AND READY PIZZA? WHO IS EATING PIZZA????" and starts to whimper and kick walls while swearing to himself and me with my back to him smiling ear to ear and not answering one of those questions....can you say passive-aggressive??

So I'm ECSTATIC its the weekend!!!

Sorry for this entry being kinda dry with not a lot of wit...but I am tooo exhausted to try to be clever. So as the police say..."Just the facts, ma'am'"

THE LADY JANE ( crazy ass school social worker that voluntarily accepted a job working in a classroom of kids that are severely emotionally impaired mixed with a couple of sociopaths)


  1. Oh wow, I could NOT do your job.

  2. Wow, just wow. I'm pretty speechless at this point.

  3. You are a much braver lady than me. I would suck at your job.

  4. Mandy - many days I do not think I can do it. This stuff was NOT in the job description.

    Cool as folk- yeah they leave me speechless too, but most the time I am trying to bite back my words I really want to say.

    Amber - Or is it that I am stupider? Hmmmm....

  5. Well - that sounds interesting, at the very least. Enjoy your weekend, you so deserve it after the day you had!

  6. And THAT post makes me not miss my middle school teaching days. I don't know how you do it. The pizza move was pure genius.

  7. Wow! I totally respect you for what you do! I would love to do something really worthwhile, but I'm just a scaredy cat! I would imagine it makes you really proud when just one of those bad (bad of their own doing or not) kids, out of however many, actually turns out good!


  8. Oh no, that sucks. I thought calling to police once a month was bad.

  9. Social workers rock, don't they? But, of course, have a LOT of wit and sarcasm at the ready to help lighten the load. :P

  10. You definitely had a busy week. Wow!

  11. You must REALLY enjoy your weekends! Nothing even close to that happens to me at work everyday!

  12. Holy Moly! So should I reconsider getting a Masters in School Counseling? Yikes!!

  13. Hey! Thanks for the comment. I totally thought I was weird for wanting to see Hannah Montana and my BFF thought I was a weirdo too, but she was glad she went with me because it was SOOO cute!

    I cannot believe your line of work. You must be a very strong person to put up wit it all. I bet you SO look forward to your weekends!

  14. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I actually live in Indiana now, but was born and raised in Pleasant Ridge - I went to Ferndale HS x many years ago. :) And hey - I'm a school social worker too! Hmmmm...!

  15. The "emo" ones honestly would scare me the most. They're the ones you don't see coming... and then one day they've slashed a wrist or something... Props to you, lady. I don't know how you do it!

    (And I hope that pizza was pepperoni so it was particularly aromatic...)

  16. Oh my goodness. That is one hell of a week lady!

    Good luck avoiding any future punches.

  17. It takes a special person to handle that kind of job. I will never be that person.

    Thank God for peeps like you!

  18. I can't imagine having a job like yours...stay strong!

  19. Man, this makes my job sound so completely boring!! :)