Monday, April 6, 2009

Feeling a little green and freaked out

Had a great day besides of course the winter storm!!
In April!!
On my Spring Break!!


I met up with friends and had a day of shopping and then out to dinner!! Sushi...Yum-O

At dinner we asked one of my friends how it was going with this new guy she just met. She started laughing...hard..and said "you will never believe this!" So, of course, we needed to know immediately.

She told us that they had been e-mailing and had been having some great conversations. Lots of flirting, some serious talk, getting to know each other and telling small secrets and then he dropped the BOMB....
he sent her a pic.....
of him.....
in pantyhose!

Yes pantyhose!!

True Story!

Apparently, he has a little bit of a fetish. He said he thought my friend and him were genuinely hitting it off and that she seemed very accepting. Well, let me tell ya, as sweet as she is; she is NOT dating a guy that would more than likely raid her pantyhose and wear them!!!

One more thing...

GO GREEN!!!!!!

The Lady Jane ( MSU ALUMNI)


  1. Yeah, that's a little something you want to keep under wraps until later. Maybe after you've, I don't know, MENTIONED it first to gague reaction?

  2. I have a lot of weird dating stories, but that's straight out of a jerry springer episode lol.

    Thanks for your comment...I assumed I'd be going for a BA in Social Work, but then when I realized I could get a MSW I thought I'd do that. But now that I've found out the social work deadlines are March and not May, I'm trying to figure out my options. Community College? I'm so confused and am having a hard time finding a good resource for info. I mean realy...what's the difference b/t the BA and MSW? It's very frustrating.

  3. Um. WOW. I am not quite sure how to respond to the pantyhose story. I'd love to know his personal reasoning behind it!

  4. Go Green--too bad we lost. I went to MSU too. I loved it there!

  5. Rawrrrrrrr man in pantyhose, how scandalous. Haha!

    I'm glad you enjoy my playlist ;). Love your blog!

  6. Found you through the lovely Tova. Sorry about the green boys losing yesterday! :( Maybe next time...

    Love the blog, love etsy, love that you have pink all over your blog. Love love love.

  7. My dear hubby is from Michigan. We watched the game to the bitter end...from a bar...which means he was drunk and yelling at the Spartans to "get their heads out of their asses". It was NOT a pretty sight.

  8. Pantyhose? Really? Yes, I would have saved that bomb for a bit later on in the scheme of things. Yikes.

  9. Panty hose or MANI-HOSE? I saw these hose for men on Good Morning America, they were like for support and stuff...I dunno, better than regular old leggs?

  10. Seriously? Even in 2009, men still don't have a clue.

  11. omg thats so gross! did she say back? i would really think on it and come up with a fabulous joke/total rejection :)

  12. Pantyhose have always kind of been a turn on of mine. Oh wait... no, no they haven't. Weird.

  13. So scary. But it's great he sent her that picture straight off. Can you imagine finding this out on your HONEYMOON???