Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey Everyone!!

Did you all hear about the big Perez vs. will.i.am big fight??

For those of you who don't know..Perez hilton is a Celebrity blogger and will.i.am is a member of the Black Eyed Peas.

Well if you haven't...I have a special treat for ya!

They both did video responses!!

How hilarious is that?

And the vlogs are pretty damn funny I thought. They are both delusional!

I had to post these videos because honestly....I'm just kinda stunned by them. I watched them earlier this morning...and I keep thinking about them! How pathetic is that?? So I had to share my horror with all of you!

First of all...I expect a video response from Perez because...well...thats what he does for a living. He makes his living off of drama ( no matter what he says in the video)


for will.i.am ...I guess I expected more from him. He is a musician and a very talented one. So, why he is stooping to do a video??? It doesn't sit right with me and it actually makes me have less respect for him.

If he said "that's cool" one more time during his video...well I don't really know, but It drove me batty.

Obviously..he didn't think any of it was really cool.

What really made me laugh was that Perez twittered about it during the whole fiasco!!

So without further ado...

Perez's response had to be broken into two parts. It's like a 11 minutes long...but its funny.

What do you think about these guys putting video responses on you tube???



  1. I will shortly be posting a video calling them both tools who have more fame than common sense. Oh, and there will be a baby hitting a man in the crotch with a football at the end of it.

  2. i think will.i.am or whatever the hell his name is should have done WWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more damage to perez, er, mario. GOD i hate him. i actually twittered him saying i wish will would have grabbed his nutsack and yanked it over his head. yea, i'm that mean.

    but really, perez had it coming, and i'm surprised he has gone this long without getting beat to a pulp.

  3. I kind of love that we get so close to these people, now... seeing the crazy up close is a reminder that they're not special or superhuman... they're just 'known'. So what?

  4. Perez drives me crazy. He talks s%#t about everyone but can not take it when people call him out on it. I love when he point out his "wound"!!

  5. I don't know... I'm not down with violence and I don't think his beating was justified, but I'm having a very difficult time finding any sympathy for Perez. Physical abuse isn't cool, but yet he justifies abusing with words? Double standard, dude.

  6. All I have to say is BOOM BOOM POW. That hypocrite Perez deserves everything he gets. I've boycotted him and therefore won't be watching the video, but I think a black eye from a Black Eyed Pea is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.

  7. Firstly, it's funny enough that someone finally put the giant pink haired lunatic in his place, because really...who the HELL is Perez Hilton? Secondly, I love that he's sniffling away in his video (Perez I mean). Poor princess. I mean violence is bad but I had just a little bit of extreme glee when I heard about this.

  8. I blogged about this today too. It's just one in a string of celeb kids fighting over who gets to play with the shovel in the Hollywood sandbox.

  9. So ridiculous! Meaning...I love it! I love how Perez is twittering all through the "assault"...so ridic!


  10. Oh, I have a WHOLE post about this saved in my drafts...I'm so sick of how hypocritical Mario is (I won't even call him his made up wannabe celebrity name anymore!!). Really, this is what our world is being reduced to!

  11. And I thought this kind of stuff ended after middle school. Wow.

  12. i love perez, but he deserved it!

    but on that note, everyone is adults why are people still acting like this?!

  13. This was probably the highlight of my day. The crazies have come out to play.

  14. This is PR. And it's working well!

  15. Perez drives me bat shit. He's so annoying. I'm pretty sure he was overdue for a beat down. Not that I condone violence but really, it's just a tiny little cut. It didn't even require stitches. He needs to man up about it and realized if you throw out the shit don't expect it to not come flying back at you!

  16. Sorry, if I watched those, I'd have to gouge my eyes out with a rusty nail, and I need them.

  17. I think Perez's little cut had time to heal while he was ranting. Seriously.

    I cannot stand him!

  18. personally, i dont even know why i watched perez' video. I agree with Will.i.am, yes, you're right jane as you say, will.i.am is an amazing singer, and i don't know why he did it. Still, he has a right to, as he is only human, and i think that Perez thinks he owwnnnn this joint. which he doesnt. I am not sure how such a blogger became so famous, and personally, i dont even know why someone asked him to post an award.

    I hadnt heard of him until this year, and i'm quite glad of it actually.

    What is his talent apart from ripping other people apart. *snap snap snap*
    he's not nice, not nice at all.

  19. When I saw will.i.am's video I was actually impressed by his composure and his ability to state his side of the story.

    Perez on the other hand. Talk about sceaming, whining, ridiculousness. I wasn't impressed.

  20. I'm with JPP about will.i.am's composure, but I tend to think he might not be telling the truth either. Perez seems to be justified about the physical violence part, but he should never have called him a "faggot." That's verbal abuse to will.i.am, not to mention emotional abuse to anyone who is homosexual.

    Who does this anyway? Who behaves that way beyond like grade school? Sheesh.