Friday, June 19, 2009

knock, knock....housekeeping

Hello all my bloggy friends!!

First I want to thank everyone for their well-wishes on my leg!! Its still as gross as case anyone wondered! Blech....


I have been tagged on a few things and have also been given a few awards and since its more than I can ( or want) to put in one post ...I am going to split it up into two. Pure genius, I know!

So if you think I forgot your tag or award..I didn't! Sheesh, get off my back already. Don't ya know I'm gravely wounded!

On to the festivities!!!!

My first award today is from The Optimistic Pessimist !

She used to be known as Marathoner81 but since her blog has evolved and its no longer JUST about the NYC marathon ( which by the way, how cool is that?!) she updated her name.

Great blog, go check it out!

...I actually got it some time ago but I was waiting for a time like this when I could put a couple together and make it one ( or two) big events!!!

I got the "Your Blog is Fucking Fabulous"

Any award that has the F word in it is pretty fucking fabulous! Yeah I'm 12, I know!

Here are the rules:

List 5 of your current obsessions and then pass it on to 5 more fucking fabulous blogs

1) I am obsessed with Bath and Body work's Reed Diffusers!!

They are truly amazing! I bought a cinnamon scent reed diffuser at Christmas time - it was even 50% off and it is STILL smelling strong! I just went and bought a bunch more. It lasted for 6 months straight and is still as potent as when I first bought it. C'mon.....

2) I am in love with my Roomba and am pretty obsessed with it!

I use it every day...sometimes twice.

It is pretty f'ing fantastic and we have three animals and this little cutie patootie vacuum picks up everything! I just press the "clean" button with my toe and away she goes, while I sit back in the chair and give my self a slap on the back for working so hard keeping the house clean.

3) Avocados....what can I say? I love them!

4) My iphone. Yep, still. I know I did a post about how much I loved it and that love has not faded!

5) Reading blogs...sheesh! Thank god I'm on summer break:)

So here are my five blogs that I am passing this award to!! Give it a good home girls...

Kellie at Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder
Fidgeting Gidget
Mean Girl Garage

Next is a picture tag from Amber at Life As We Know It

( she is will see what I mean when you go stop by her blog after this...hint)

The rules are:

1. Open your first photo folder

2. Scroll to the 10th picture

3. Post that photo and story on your blog

4. Tag 5 other blogger friends to do the same

What a weird pic for my 10th picture to be!!

Back story to pic...

this was a couple of years ago and it was our last day of school. Our principal ( who no one liked and since has been fired) had an End of the Year party at his house. It was kind of a mandated thing so we all brought a bunch of alcohol and became snockered!! ( my mom uses this word...I thought I would give it a test run)

Several people at the party went out on the boat later in the evening but about 5 of us stayed back. For some reason we thought stealing a lawn ornament from our principals neighbor's yard would be hilarious ( and actually it was!)

So we came up with a stealth plan for our mission and this picture is two of my awesome girlfriends doing the army crawl into the neighbors yard to steal the ugly gnome!

Mission Accomplished!

And yes, these people teach your kids...

The five blogs I tag for this are **drum roll**

Sassy B
My Wooden Heart

I also received this awesome award from Fidgeting Gidget!!

She just had her one-year anniversary... so go tell her congratulations!!

This came with no I am just going to keep it all to myself ( at least for right now)

I'm to bed I go!

Part two will be coming in a couple of days... Don't get all crazy on me



  1. Ooh! Fun one! Thanks!!

    I am very jealous of your Roomba.

  2. Wow! Two Awards!!! That's because you ROCK!! And thanks for giving me one!! And it has a cuss word in it...AND my FAVORITE cuss word! You have no fucking idea how happy THAT makes me!!!!! Thanks!!!

  3. Hahah, that picture is too funny! Good stuff.

  4. HAAAAHAHA I KNEW you would end up with a fabulous picture story!

    I started thinking that I want a Roomba now but then I remembered that vacuuming is JD's one inside job so getting one wouldn't do me much good. And he probably doesn't even know what a Roomba is so what he doesn't know won't hurt him!

  5. Gina- was pretty sure you would be aesome for this!

    Jules- I am so happy that you like the word "fucking" as much as I do. Thats sounds bad, right?

    Sunshinemeg - Thank you...I do my best!

    Amber - Love the vote of confidence!! The Roomba rocks and if you ever have to switch chores...go get one, but in the mean time..JD I am sure is wicked good with the vacuum cleaner!

  6. Hahaha, crazy picture, I love it !

    For some reason when you mentionned the Roomba I confused it with Zumba, the workout routine. You could also do that twice a day but the Roomba is so much more fun and you can sleep on the couch while you do it :) Yay !

  7. Arizta - EXACTLY!!!!! Sleep while you clean...does it get any better???

  8. Good to see the pain meds aren't affecting your blogging. I thought they might have given you the good stuff and you'd be "fogging" through the next few weeks.

    Your loss our gain!

    Really though, I hope you're feeling better.

    I hope the roaming gnome banditos didn't get grass stains on their pants.

  9. Sweet! Now I can check 'getting an award w/ the word fuck' off of my To-Do list! Thank you!!! :)

    And I use the word schnockered too. Is it a word only used by old people? I hope not. Although I am a Puma now. :) Growl!

    Here's to getting schnockered this weekend!!!

  10. I'm going to have to buy some of those diffusers, since I have a Bath & Body Works gift card!

  11. OMG congrats on the awards...I'm a little jealous, I've never received an award with fucking in it!! Fuck! A girl can dream haha.

    So glad you're feeling better!!

  12. Thanks for tagging me darling, I'll have it up sometime tomorrow!

  13. I love B&BW's cinnamon scent!! Sounds like I need to get a Roomba...then maybe something would get vacuumed around my house!

  14. How much does that Roomba thing cost and where can I buy one?

  15. lol @ your gnome-stealing mission!

  16. Oh, Im glad to know about the B&BW Reed Diffusers...I bought some lam-o ones from Target a while back and they SUCK big time. Looks like a trip to B&BW is in my near future.

    Roomba - awesome!! I need one.

  17. Your blog is fucking fabulous. Agreed.

  18. You guys are too that you got snockered and went army crawling to the neighbors'. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that shindig.

  19. Hee-heelarious!!!
    seen Roomba on tv...perhaps must give itn a try one of these days...
    ~SWEET cinnamon week guys!!

  20. Ahhh- I've always wanted a Roomba! Seriously, I stop and stare at them every time I go into Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Maybe one of these days...

  21. oh thank you thank you lady! i'm honored!

    and I AM SO JEALOUS YOU HAVE A ROOMBA LIKE WHOAAAA. i want one sooo bad!

  22. Well, where in the world have I been? Obviously not here. This is a fun place to come and visit! I think I'll have to come back real soon!And about Bath and Body works, you think we could have some kind of party and go steal that store's contents? Oh wait, I can't talk like this. Or can I? My grandpa used to say I'd go to hell for lying just like I would for stealing chickens. Doesn't that leave Bath and Body works out of the equation.

  23. I SO want a roomba! I have little pug hairs all over and it would help me so much!