Sunday, June 7, 2009


As promised pics of me since I have now hit my 100 followers mark!!! Did you think i forgot, or just plain forgot about this blog??!! I didn't!! Just finishing up school...3 days!!

Anyways on with the show...

I always love seeing pics of other people, so why not do it myself. I already told ya , i am not photogenic. I did add some prom/homecoming pics because i loved it when other people have lately, in honor of prom season! And you know to liven it up instead of seeing just a crappy old pic of me. I didn't have much here...most is it my parent house and they live three hours away. best I could with it!

To start us about a hoop skirt?! Ah yes people I wore a hoop skirt. It was 1989 and I was the freshman representative on the Homecoming court ( hence the tiara) and we had to wear a hoop formal dress. it was an unwritten rule ( which I broke on) I look like little BO-peep but I swear it was cool then!!

My mom always forgot to take pictures of just me before the dance. It was really because of two reasons a) i always ran late and was never ready when my date showed up and b) we were the house where everybody came to get their pics taken. my mom doted over everyone...which is why there was always more pics of other people then me and my date. But it was fun

This picture was actually taken like two weeks after the dance on a random Saturday. Mom felt bad that there wasn't any pics of just me so she made me put on my dress to take pictures... which is the reason for the bad hair!


Sophomore homecoming, 1990. I loved this dress. it was midnight blue velvet with a completely open back. True to form my mom didn't get pics of just me before the dance, so this picture was taken after i came home. Which is why I look a little drunk, tired, whatevs and I am holding my wrist corsage. What do you think of the owl pics in the background?? awesome, huh?

This is my senior year homecoming. Circa 1992 . Yes, I am wearing Tiara again...homecoming court. What?? You laughing at my fake diamond encrusted tiara?? I rocked them, what can i say. This is a rare time that my mom actually took a pic of just me before the dance. You can't see it, but this dress was NOT floor length. This was a first for someone being on the court. It was actually higher in front and lower in back. Scandal I tell you, I was the talk of the town!!

This is from my senior prom. 1993, baby!! We had just been crowned the King and Queen. ( what can i say, they liked me, really liked me!! aka Sally field...nevermind )

This is my ex- we were together for MANY years. I will think up a suitable name for him...later. This is the only pic of us with our king and queen stuff on....together at least. I wanted to use this pic, because it was the only pic where you could see my shoes. i LOVED those shoes. Silver with sequency mirrory type things on it. Maybe a little slutty, maybe a little fashionable. I was going for fashionable, but whatever!

I've realized I have inherited my mom's picture taking skills. Not only do I never have pics of just me, but I take lousy pictures. What I mean is not only am I not photogenic ( this is not a statement so you will comment that I am photogenic) but my actual picture taking skills are crap. I never time it right, they are crooked, bad lighting, whatever..... anyways...this is me (now). I was in Key West. luv that place

This is a pic of the Duke and I at a beer festival. Hmmm... go figure. I realized that neither the Duke or I are photogenic, at least not in the same pic! We also don't have a lot of pics of just the two of us...we are always snapping of other people.

Well here they are pics of me...your weekend is now complete;)
BTW...this was the HARDEST, most TIME-CONSUMING post. What with all the scanning, enlarging, finding the damn photos, was a nightmare!!! NIGHTMARE! You better enjoy the F***** thing:) Smiles


  1. haha, fun! thinks for going through all that trouble :-) you and the duke are cuties together! (and um, beer festival? i wish that was how i was spending my day!)

  2. It's so great to put a face to the name! You & the duke make a great couple!

    I think my fave picture is the hoop skirt pic, though!

  3. You are so cute! And now I can actually picture you now pulling out the badass teacher moves with those students of yours!

  4. Yea-ahh!!! Totally awesome & I am in love with all of those dance photos, priceless : - ) and now they're in cyber-world FOREVER (say it like on The Sandlot - ha!)... they'll never go away now. Of course prom King & Queen is my fav & thosse shoes look absolutely high fashion.

    Thanks for the post & the fun!!!


    Arlynn from Fleur De Licious

  5. Wooohoo! I love putting a face with the name. I think you look great in the pics! I always tend to have many double chins in my pictures. It's hard to find me without a double in any picture!

  6. You are so pretty! I agree with OP, great to put a face to a name! COngrats on your 100th post!

  7. Nice pictures!
    Your gorgeous. Hope you had a great weekend.

  8. I love the pictures! Also, if you still have the dress from Soph homecoming, please do send it over :). I'm IN LOVE with it.

  9. cool as folk - I know , don't ya just love it!! I wish I still had it. So many people borrowed this dress but the last person didn't give it back. I'm still upset about it!

  10. haha love the dance pictures. you are a knock out!

  11. I am so glad you came across my blog because I am now laughing so hard my husband asked me what I was looking at on the internet!!!! You are too funny ... I was dying laughing about the random wedding invite ... i LOVE IT!

    I am definitely adding you to my daily blog list :)

  12. Great pics! I love to see prom photos and the like. I kinda feel like I bucked the system on having to wait to see you since I joined on as follower 113.

    Listen, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I always appreciate when people come by and see what it's about. Hopefully It was entertaining enough to make you want to come back and become one of my followers too.

    You've got a great blog here I'm really enjoying it.

    Best- THL

  13. Nice pictures! Ah old school dance photos, fun times.

    I am going to have to go find some of mine so I can share in the glory.

    P.S. I think you are very photogenic and beautiful, don't sell yourself short.

  14. you look great!!! it is always fun to see the face behind the blog:)

  15. The prom pictures are hilarious! So very 90s-tastic. Love them :-)

  16. haha, I love the hoop dress!!! You almost look like a teenage bride!!!

    You and the duke are definitely a cute couple! X

  17. love your high school dance pictures, it's always fun to see what people wore. I love how your mom made you put the dress back on to take pictures. that's pretty awesome. :)

    And you are totally cute! i have no idea what you mean about not being photogenic. seriously. i think you look fabulous!

  18. Those are so cute! Thanks for taking the time to put them up here!!!!!!!

  19. Love the pictures :-) Thanks for sharing them!

  20. Oh cool, loved to see your pics! Thanks for taking the time to upload them :)

  21. Yay for pictures! It's always scary to come out of the security of being anonymous, but I think it's worth it!

  22. Congrats on the 100 followers. Someday maybe that will happen for me....wah wahhh.

    Love the pictures! Congrats on coming out of the bloggy closet.

  23. Look at you with your cute pink handbag. Is it bad that I noticed that first?

    Since I already post pictures of myself, I'll have to post pictures from high school when I get 100 followers. I need to get a scanner.

  24. These pictures are great! I like the hoop skirt! So fun!

  25. Dude! You totally tricked me! All this time I've been thinking you have brown hair like your little lady at the top. That's just not right.

    However, you are an absolute cute pie and I hope you continue to share your pictures with us. But you should totally get a digital camera so you don't have to deal with the scanning and whatnot.

    And congrats on 100 followers!

  26. P.s. I thought this was oh, so fab, I tagged you on my blog this afternoon : - )


  27. You are so GORG! and you always have been!

    Congrats on 100 followers!

  28. YAYYYYYYYYYYY for awesome old prom pics! And goddamn, what would I give to be back in Key West... you look so lovely and relaxed there!


  29. I loved the pics!

    We don't really do proms and homecomings, where I come from, so that's always super exciting to see...

    And (I'm not gonna comment on you not being photogenic -which you are, btw) girl, where do you get those tops of yours???
    Loved the black/silver one, but (literaly) drooled over that in the last pic!!! ;) Abso-f***-lutely fantastic!

  30. you are fabulous! i think you guys are adorable :)

  31. Beautiful!
    I had those bangs...oh, the bangs.

  32. haha just discovered your blog, thanks for your comment on our blogswap:)
    but what a fabulous introduction! i love the prom pictures - hilarious.

  33. IT's all about you, as long as you look good in the picture you can jsut cut Duke right out! hahaha

  34. I see it now.

    This just makes you more real in my mind.

    Great post.