Saturday, June 13, 2009

the campaign of all campaigns!!!

Ladies ( and gentlemen - I think there are a couple)

There is a movement, a crusade, a battle, if you will, that is beginning to sweep the nation ( with your help, of course!)

My bloggy friend Sassy Britches told us about a campaign that they tried to start in college and I have to tell you I jumped on this idea faster than I do a cheeseburger after a night of drinking!! and let me tell ya...that's fast!! The Duke can attest.

Well Sassy had a lot of responses to her post from women across the she has made it official and the war has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know! I'm sure your like "For the love all things Holy..tell us already!"

so without further ado, I give you the


Oh yes! You read it right!!

As soon as I read her story about her college attempt - I was all "OMG...I think about that all the time!!"

I mean they think a good "shake" takes care of all the pee droplets?? Yeah..a few go on the back of the toilet or if I am really lucky and they are a little over zealous with the shaky shake and I can even get it on the vanity or the wall!

Seriously...why would they ever think it would be okay not to wipe???

a dab or two..c'mon! It would be as quick as a good jiggle and CLEANER I might add!!!

Lets not even get to the topic of underwear spottage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So anyways....SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Go grab a button at Sassy' Now!!


We are women hear us ROAR!

yeah...i'm a little excited.

editors note** there has been a controversy about the spelling of Weiner..German vs. English.."I" before "e"...yadda yadda. We like Weiner...Sassy looked it up ..its all good.

Sorry about the spacing on the 2nd half...Blogger won't change it for me! Anyone alse having spacing issues?



  1. Hey I'll have you know I always wipe. I'm no savage.

  2. too funny...what is with just giving it a shake anyway?

    I have major spacing issues all the freaking time.

  3. I cannot believe Sassy B gave in to the interweb peer pressure and changed the spelling!! When I steal the button I'm taking it from you because yours has the spelling that looks right!!

  4. spacing issues occur daily. I'm almost through with this whole blogger nonsense.

    Wipe the Weiner is a great conquest. I'm proud of all those involved.

  5. I almost started crying this morning when the I before E business started! I was all about "standing firm" on my Weiner instead of Wiener spelling, but I got to thinking that there may be people out there who wouldn't take the campaign seriously if we used a TOO-variant variant spelling. I'm such a pushover. But, the good news is that EITHER button takes us back to the explanatory post, so it's ALL GOOD. And I am proudly in the WEINER camp and not the WIENER camp, even if it's just the two of us there!

  6. Just stumbled across your blog and was laughing so hard, had to stop to breathe. Love it! Got yourself a new reader!!!!

  7. Wipe the Weiner!!!!! Amen! :) This is too funny!

    And I agree, it looks right w/ the e first, even if it is "wrong". WEINER!!!

    You could do "Pat the Peen" instead. J/K it doesn't sound as good. I just wanted a reason to type peen. :)

  8. I live with two boys, my husband and son. They not only need to wipe the weiner, but they need to wipe the seat when they miss. Sometimes they even need to wipe the floor.