Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bunch of randoms I am just piecing together a bunch of random stuff about this week.

First I have two questions to post to you all.

1) I need some new music to listen too. I need tunes that make you want to sing out loud and make ya want to shake your booty. Where the music takes ya over....any ideas?

2) OK, so I had tried sitemeter and stat counter and while both are fine..they don't really tell me what I want to know. Here's my can I find out how many people or who have subscribed to me but didn't actually sign up to be a "follower"? Does that make sense? I'm just crazy like that...I REALLY want to know....its a little bit of a sickness...

This Week's updates:

- Finally got my hair and nails done!! Thank goodness! One complaint...while I love my hairstylist there is one thing that really bugs me and that is when its time to pay he will come up to the front and casually say " Oh yeah, I put a toner, all over highlights, yadda, yadda. So the price is actually going to be **&&" . What??!! "You could at least ask me if I wanted those things..or inform what you were doing would cost me more money" "What if I didn't have the money? What then? " Those are things that I want to say but , at last, I know myself and never would. Of course if he would have asked me before I probably would have said yes to them anyways.....but whatevs, not the point.

- I'm freaking out because I have lost two VERY important items! #1 being my w-2's from work. Yep, can't find them! #2 the credit card that my work gave me to use ( with my name on it) here is the sad part...I lost it the same day they gave it to me!! So yes, freaking out....

- My best friend is in town for the week!!!! She moved to Florida last year and I missss her sooo much! So we were out for dinner and drinks last night, which of course, led to smoking! I know , I know. I knew I would be drinking and I usually like to have a smoke while partaking in said drinking BUT I did not bring any with me! So that is something to be proud of..I was making an effort. Right? So when the craving became to bad, we resorted to our old ways and bummed cigs off an unsuspecting male with a little flirting. Desperate times, call for desperate measures.

- I mentioned before that most of time at work is in a program for SEVERELY emotionally impaired high school boys. Let me tell ya, I could tell ya story after story. Several are truly I feel sociopaths. However, the following boy I am going to talk about is not one of them. He is actually on Level 5( which is the highest level you can get on for good behavior). Anyways...I was contacted over Spring Break by the teacher I work with because this boy wrote a journal entry about basically killing everyone in the classroom including us. Something to the effect of "slaughtering us like cows and watching our insides fall out of our bodies". The police had to be involved ( we have a liaison that works with the boys) and a bunch of other things. Can't wait for Monday!!

- going out with girlfriends again tonight. Yes, they are smokers....ahhhhh...

Wanted to post but didn't have the time to give it a lot of thought. I have to look for that W-2 form..I have an appointment to get my taxes done at 2:30 TODAY!!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!

The Lady Jane


  1. Saucy little hairstylist, isn't he? I'm affronted FOR you; that's just uncalled for.

    Best of luck with the NON-smoking (woman, get back on that horse!), the taxes and (holy cow!) lost credit card, and not getting slaughtered.

    Oooo, wait. Not a joking matter.

  2. Get feedburner for your #2 question. That should fulfill all your wildest desires (I think)

  3. Sassy- I know i sooo need to get back on that horse and ride him ( hee, couldn't resist) And it find for joking...its what we call in the biz keeping sane:))

    Dutchess -Is there anything I should know about feedburner?? I'm not tech will it mess anything up?

  4. Losing a company credit card sounds like something I would do. And my W2's. I'm horribly disorganized.

  5. Your HR dept probably can reproduce your W2 for you, you might ask!

    I hear a lot about Google Analytics...I'm not sure how to use it but Google anything is usually pretty easy to figure out and a lot of the bloggers I read us that.

  6. Good music? Try the White Stripes (I really like the Icky Thump album) or even just go over to and type in your favorite artist, and they will play music of similar style/artist.

    Good luck finding your W-2's!

  7. Visiting from SITS... good luck with all you've got going on. I'm curious, too, about how many people read my blog. Good question!

  8. Go here:

    And put in $0 as your price.


  9. I quit going to my hairstylist when she did that to me.

    Losing the credit card. We really are related, I think.

    And the story about your boy. So sad. Read my first ever blog post. I still think about him all the time.

  10. Okay, so on the hip-shakin' music front... I was turned on to Justin Timberlake a couple years ago and am still wildly addicted today. If you've ever bounced around to even one of his songs that played on the radio, you'd likely love all the rest as well. I assure you. His DVD - filmed at Madison Square Garden in '07 - is the bomb. I never was that big of a JT fan, but after I got the DVD, I couldn't get enough of him. Seriously, try it. You won't be disappointed... ;)