Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh Duke......

I woke up at 4 am this morning to find the Duke curled up on our bedroom FLOOR covered with Lexy's dog bed!! Seriously in our bedroom lie...there is approximately 8 blankets which were an arms length away from him. Nope..he used Lexy's DOG BED!! I have to tell you, that Lexy stinks bad!! She is allergic to her own skin ( I know, poor baby)...this is not a dog bed to be curled up under.

So, of course, I kindly in my most of gentle of voices say to him " WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE??? IS THAT A DOG BED?? OMG! GET THE HELL IN BED" then i storm down stairs to let the dogs out. Came up - he is still in the same position. So, whatevs, I go back to sleep. When I wake up a couple of hours later, the DUKE is now in bed with the DOG BED still on him!!!

The Duke drank a little too much of his homemade wine ( post for another day) in our garage chain-smoking with his friend.... Did I mention we live across the street from a bar? No? Well we do...handy but dangerous:)

See ya chicks later:) I need to go wash some sheets!



  1. Living next to a bar would be so awesomely bad for me. I would probaly try to establish myself there so that I could walk in like Norm from Cheers. Everyone would look up and yell "Ginger" in unison and I would take my usual seat at the bar next to Bily Crudup in his Watchmen "costume".

    This is what I would imagine is happening, anyway. Really, what would be going through everyone's head would be, "Is that girl crazy? She comes in every day and nods to the room like she owns it. What's her name? Ginger? Isn't that a stripper name? And look at the beer gut on her. So.Not.Attractive. under that teeny-bopper middrift shirt. Dude."

    But I would be totally oblivious, so cheers!

    See? Totally dangerous.

    Thanks for stopping by Decomp.:)

  2. that is hilarious. i am trying to picture benji (er, that is my husband, not one of our dogs) in the dog bed, but the dogs weigh 5 pounds each and he weighs about 230's a great mental image.
    the best i get is coming home to find my spiky-haired, glasses-wearing, bear of a husband sleeping on the floor with two chihuahuas on his belly and shoulder. yeah.

  3. Just when I thought it couldn't get funnier, I read that he was in bed with the dog bed still on him. Hilarious.

  4. LOL! This sounds exactly like something my husband would do after a night out with the guys! Boys are dumb.

    I came by to welcome you to SITS!

  5. Picturing that in my head just made me laugh out loud. I'd love to know his reaction when he woke up the next morning with the dog bed still on him.

  6. hahahaha.. that's absolutely great.

  7. OMG - that's hilarious - great story!!!

  8. So funny.

    It's probably for the best we don't live in walking distance of a bar.

  9. So I'm back - I'm a Welcomista for SITS and I just wanted to give you the official welcome to the sistahood.

  10. At least with the bar across the street there's no driving involved!

    Welcome to SITS, it's great to have you as a SITSta!

  11. I can't really laugh at him since I once was so wasted I started getting undressed to go to bed, gave up halfway through and woke up next say in my panties and still wearing one shoe. How does that even happen?

  12. I was all excited about the new teeny animal(s) we are getting until the lady sent me a picture and one of them had poop stuck in its tail.

    I kind of forgot how gross animals can be...