Friday, May 1, 2009

Confession Friday: Keys are my Nemesis!!!

Just like the title states:

Keys are my Nemesis!!

I have soooo many key related stories and NONE of them are good. Everybody who knows me...KNOWS that I should not be entrusted with any kind of key for any reason, any time!! Seriously!

So here is Lady Jane's 2,890,560 entry into the lost, misplaced. damaged, broke, etc... KEY CHRONICLES

And this is my Confession: I totally threw my co-worker under the bus, or rather I just let the bus keep running over her...

I know, I know...I feel awful!!!!!!

Here's the story....

In the program that I am based out of there is the teacher, me (social worker) and two para pros. The teacher and I have keys to the doors and filing cabinets. There is also an extra set in a drawer in the teacher's case one of the Para's need one.

Some time last week I needed to open up a filing cabinet and instead of walking to my desk in the other room ( because I am that lazy) I used the extra set in the desk and true to form..I pocketed it afterwards without thinking.

Cut to Wednesday of this week:

I come into the classroom after being away in the morning for meetings and hear this loud DRILLING....the maintenance guy is there drilling the lock of the filing cabinet. Huh? I saw the teacher and raised my whats going on here? She comes over very briskly and kind of dramatic like and proceeds to tell me that the keys are missing from her desk and that she knows that one of the para's lost it even though she is saying she didn't.

At first I was just nodding my head as she spoke and not say anything as that is what I usually do when she is venting because honestly she talks louder then she should when she is talking about the paras and to say that it is awkward is an understatement!! So I am nodding and trying to hurry through the venting so I can get away..when all of a sudden I have this flash of memory of ME putting those keys in my pocket! Oh gawd....I did it again! Damn keys...I hate keys with a passion. We just do not have a good relationship..they do not like me either! They are the bane of my existence!! ( I am not being dramatic..they really are! For real!)

A struggle with my conscious ensues... should I admit that it was me that took them or let the teacher believe the para did it....

I chose the latter. Not proud..not proud at all!

I have to but a disclaimer on this***

If the maintenance guy wasn't already drilling a hole into the filing cabinet at that minute...I totally would have fessed up...really I would have! BUT since it had already progressed that far and no one even thought to ask me if I had the keys before calling the maintenance guy then well....I just let them keep thinking that it couldn't possibly have been me. Hey I can hear you judging.. but its my first year there...I have already misplaced the credit card.... ( which they still don't know yet as I am positive that it will show up ..God, do you hear me??)...I can't possibly be responsible for this too!

I know Karma is going to get me on this one... it always does!

Damn Keys!!! **shakes fist**

I'm emotionally drained now..... good night:(

The Lady Jane ( and very bad co-worker...)


  1. Yeah, but I would have TOTALLY done the same thing. He WAS already there and all....

  2. I would have done the same thing too! I ALWAYS lose my keys. Last night, B told me that he always pays attention to where my keys are and makes mental notes when he sees them because he just knows I will be asking sooner or later..."Have you seen my keys?"

  3. OMG, this is me all over! I've been through this at work a lot! When's it's an awkward one and locks are already being removed I tend to opt for denial and then putting the keys somewhere unsuspecting so someone will find them in a week or so! So wrong, but also so right! x

  4. Really though. This was there own fault. They should have called you before they got the maintenance guy there. I probably would have done the same thing as you!

  5. their own fault. Gah, bad grammar!

  6. I always lose keys its not fun at all.

  7. i am always losing keys too, in fact i have a missing set right now!

    {i am stopping by from SITS to say hi}

  8. Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed my blog. Thanks to you finding me, I have now found you ... another blog to follow! (And I'm pretty good with keeping my keys around ... it's my mind I'm always losing.)

  9. a hundred years ago, in my previous life, when i was a wussified-goody-two-shoe wuss, i would have totally confessed. glad you kept your mouth shut. it wasn't too bright of them to not ask you.


  10. DUDE! We were totally separated at birth! I am glad I stumbled across your blog when I was blog hunting. And we used to have rottie mixes all the time when I was growing up :)