Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cover has been blown!!!

Obviously you know that this blog is anonymous!
- NO pics
- I use a fake name ( Lady Jane is what my mom used to call me when I was in trouble growing up. Instead of using your first, middle , and last name as most parents do Nope...she just made up a whole new name altogether)

I have not told a single person in my real life about this blog and that is including the DUKE. Which is crazy because we tell each other everything..

the good ( "your so cute", "I got a raise", "your armpits look cool shaved")

the bad ("uhh..I lost the extra keys to the house", "yes, that was me who dented your car")

the ugly ( "you really need to go take a shower", "I have really bad diarrhea.")

You get my drift! So why may you ask I didn't tell him about the blog? I don't have a great answer for not telling him, but my reason for not telling anyone else is because I just wanted to carve out a little place in the world for little ol' me. I was selfish and really didn't want to let anyone else in, and really they know most the stories anyways. I loved the secrecy of it and if I was to be totally honest I harbored this fantasy that I would become a really big deal on the internet and get featured in a magazine or something or have like Ellen as a follower and I would be all" Oh, yeah, my blog. Yeah it is really big. I didn't tell you about it? Huh...sorry."

All those reason's are not the reason's I didn't tell the Duke.

Actually the Duke would have been fine with it and would even get some humor out of it. To tell the truth I'm not a 100% sure why I didn't tell him. I think I was meaning too...but I just didn't. I think I liked the cloak and dagger of it all!! Well...I suck at covering my tracks and have come to the sad realization that I would never be a good FBI agent, CIA, or anything else.

Because the DUKE found out and it wasn't because I told him. Damn him and his sleuthing ways...

I was out driving, doing something or another, when I get this phone call from him and the first thing he says..." Hey, its the Duke here!" Took me a minute to catch on and then it dawned on me...he found the blog!!!

Me: "Uhh...what???"

Duke: " So NOW i know why you have been spending so much time on the internet!"

Me: " Wait...what are you talking about?" ( Really I knew, but I was hoping just for a minute that he didn't actually find it and I totally misunderstood him and it was going to be like an episode of Full House or something....)

Duke: " I'm sitting here looking at stories of our life ON THE INTERNET!!" BTW..he is laughing. " I can't believe this"

and this is when he starts reading me excerpts from my posts... Ugh...and I felt really anxious because I had no control over what he was reading and I couldn't remember all that I had wrote..praying I wasn't forgetting a post where I totally slammed him ( of course I wouldn't do this...but it was a fleeting thought)

Duke " I can't believe you wrote about shoveling your own shit!!!" " this?...(pause) you wrote about the tampon story??" this time the only thing Duke became concerned with was how many posts he was in. He started flipping through the blog and counting the times mentioned and was actually very disappointed that he was only mentioned in a couple of posts....But he LOVES that his name is the Duke...he said " This makes me sound like I'm BIG from Sex and the city!" At this time I swear I heard his head getting bigger and bigger over the phone!

By the time I got home... The Duke had started his own blog and wanted to compete with mine...

Me: "Hunny, why is your blog called "The Drake Show"?

The Duke:
"Uh...because that's the name you gave me on your blog!" while giving me the look like "Duh..."

Me: "Not Drake, hunny, Duke! Duke is what I call you."

The Duke: "!! Now it doesn't make any sense"

And that my friends was the extent of the Duke's blogging career.



  1. HAHA! That is too funny! I love that you guys had such a laugh out of it, and that in the short time it took him to create a blog, he forgot that he was Duke. That's like Big finding out that's what Carrie and the girls call him, and calling him self Bill.

  2. SIB- I know!! Seriously! Thats my man for ya! So smart...but so clueless.

  3. Oh. My. GOD! That is so funny!!! B knows I have a blog but I don't know if he's read it. He was asking for the address the other day but I kind of blew him off. I don't want to know if he reads it!

    ( Really I knew, but I was hoping just for a minute that he didn't actually find it and I totally misunderstood him and it was going to be like an episode of Full House or something....)

    I love you, Lady Jane...and the above quote illustrates why.

  4. Gina- I love you too!! I can't believe that B doesn't read it. I know that if the Duke had a blog...I would be stalking it everyday:)

  5. That's hysterical...because it didn't happen to me. I've told my guy I have a blog, but then I eldue to that fact that I don' he's kind of confused and now he thinks that I don't really have one. I'm sure someday I'll tell him about it. I often say.."I'm going to put that on my blog" and he just laughs and says "you don't have a blog."

    Oh and by the way...i think we all have that fantasy that Ellen will someday follow our blog.

    One more word verification is: in I likerrin your blog!

  6. Hilarious! I have yet to tell my man about the blog. Mostly because I've only been dating him a month and my blog kinda details what I was doing when I wasn't dating him ;) But I think he'd think it was totally cool...and he'd be okay with it. I just need to find the right time so that he doesn't find it by accident ;)

  7. giggling.

    I can't even get mine to read the blog.

    Only when we redid our header and I had him cartoonized . He wanted to approve it. He's so shallow like that :)

  8. hahahahahha I think that is one of the funniest things I have heard in quite a while. The Drake lol

    It would be funny to read the his and hers blogs though.

    Sometimes I wish I didn't tell people about my many little secrets I could tell, but don't want to hurt their feelings because they read it :S

  9. My hubby knows about my blog, but I don't really think he reads it. I don't put anything on there I wouldn't want him to read, but I still think it would make me self-conscious if I knew for sure he popped in now and then.

  10. Marathoner - that is so funny that you have so confused. Very least you can say "Hey I told you I was putting it on my blog..."

    High - Heel gal - Yeah..accident is not the way to go, but it will be funny/awkward ( who knows...) when you tell him and very cool because you chronicled your relationship!!

    Rambler - I can't believe he doesn't read it!!! Actually I don't think the DUKE will either...unless I tell him there is something about him!

    Kathleen - I was little bit disappointed when he found it and I also know he is really bad at keeping secrets!!!!

    Msprimadonna - it does make you a little self-conscious!!! I totally know what you mean!

  11. bless clever little drake...oh sorry, duke!! I wonder how long his blog will last hehe!? X

  12. My heart was beat faster, sweat started accumulating at my brow, and I got the hiccups. All because of this post. This little annonymous blogger gets all sorts of fluster when i think I've been discovered. I'm glad it was you and not me. ;)

  13. TSK - And he was soooo proud of his little blog..he only has one post and I am pretty sure that ia all we are going to see!!

    JPP- I KNOW!! Your so funny!! I was stupid enough to somehow leave a trail of clues and then I just left it up on one on our computers!!!

  14. Too frickin funny! What a sneaky/clever guy!

  15. I just found his blog!! This is hilarious!! I'm going to make a comment on it right now...and start following him..because, I really really want him to stick around.

  16. That is awesome!!!!! BIG (my husband) new about my blog and I have a big mouth, so I told everyone I know. AND I put it up on Facebook, so yeah I'm the opposite of secret! Even my co-workers have found it. Which was pretty freaky, because I complained about one A LOT and had to delete those posts.

    Great story!

  17. OMG, that is hilarious. When I first started my blog I sent an invitation to the hubs telling him he would be more than welcome to contribute and put up posts of his own if he wanted. That was a year and half ago. He's never been into it. Until Monday when I get an email from him asking to be reinvited to post. WTF? Now it feels like MY blog and I don't want him to post! We'll see if he actually does... :)

  18. But the real question is HOW did he find it?

  19. Ha - that is cute and so hilarious. How did he find your blog though? That can't be too easy to do....unless it was via your computer History.

  20. hi lady jane. i don't know if this is a closed blog community or what, but i am totally linking you to my blog. you are one FUNNY lady! i read through a few of your posts.

    it's so cool that the duke had a good sense of humor about it all.


  21. omg, thank you for visiting my blog, you are hilarious! will be back to read more.

  22. I'm glad this didn't freak you out too bad. I would hate it if you deleted your blog.

  23. Oh.mah.gawd! This must be horrible for you! M totally knows about my blog but doesn't care to read it at all. I'm also "trying" to be incognito but I have a few friends IRL stalking me. And here I was hoping that DUKE was his real name! It sounds so sexy! LOL!

  24. Hahaha, I keep my blog to myself as well, so selfish but that way I don't feel the need to censor myself knowing my bf or friends are reading it :)

    Hope my Miguel doesn't find out .. lol