Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sexy time

Go check out LiLu's place for the rules...but if you know her and read me...then you already know them!!

So this is a different TMI story that I have posted previously...because its not just about me , its about the Duke too and it wasn't several years was today ( well Wednesday, that's when I;m writing this.)

Last night the Duke went to his "male bonding brew group" and made sausage or whatever men do together..grunt...fart..ya know. He came home very late and I was already asleep. So we didn't see each other all I didn't tell him that I had a doctor's appt. the next day and wouldn't be going to work. I get up really early anyways...whether I go to work or not. So I am pretty sure that the Duke thought I went to work. So 10:00 came and he still hadn't got up for I jumped on him in bed and scared him (actually yelped). I totally caught him not going to work cause he was hungover....(sorry getting a little off track )

Anyways..we were laying in bed joking

Duke: "Uh...hunny I got a problem." and then looked down to you know where and this is where the Duke would like me to desscribe it as HUGE, MASSIVE, an amazing site to behold. He had a boner.

Me: " stinky. You have been out all night, your dirty and smelly."

Duke: begged and pleaded and pleaded some more.

Me: "Ok...but we both need to shower " ( What can I tell ya fresh and clean is a turn on for me)

So both went to take showers ( yes we did take separate ones...not sure why looking back )

After he was done he was coming up the stairs and I was putting my sexy moves on him but he looked all sheepish ?! hmmm...odd.

So I started stepping up my game mauling, groping, whateves and then he started making excuses that he needed to "get to work." wait a minute...Duke does not turn down sex!! cue Twilight Zone music

Me: " Hey whats going on..???

Duke: got this embarrasses look on his face and started looking at his feet and mumbled something.

Me: "I didn't hear you."

Duke: So he mumbled a little louder " I did something in the shower I'm not proud of."

Me: Pausing to give thought to this statement and then I very loud "Bwaaaaaaaha ha" came out and it was hard to stop..he started too.

Duke " I told you that you should never let those things so to waste!" ( which that was one of his arguments when he was pleading for sex earlier)

Me: " You couldn't have waited 10 -15 minutes??"

Duke: "I tried, but you should never waste one...guys code. I t would have went away"

Me: "C'mon" ( in my sexy voice) more groping....

Duke: very sheepish " Um...I'm really tired....that actually took a lot out of me" (like he is all suprised by it...)

both died laughing and I made jokes at his expense all day!!

Happy almost Friday!!!

The Lady Jane


  1. Hahahahaha

    I love the fact that he was like a little kid who got into trouble. "i doned sumtin' naughty...." :D


  2. Like cherry blossoms or the first snow of winter, you never know how long morning wood will last. Use it or lose it.

  3. As soon as you said you were putting the moves on him and he wasn't responding, I knew what was going to happen. I love that he couldn't even wait 10 mins....hilarious.

  4. I still make fun of my boyfriend who turned down my invitation for sexy time with a sheepish, "I didn't know you were coming I jerked off."

  5. What? You mean they can't perform every minute of the day? Oh man.... I guess I can take the maid's outfit back now I know there's a REASON for it! Phew!

    Ha!!! I'm totally kidding. That was funny. Poor Duke. All that hard flesh and slippery water was just too much. :)

  6. Hahah, totally typical guy behavior.. my bf's just like that.

    Yesterday for example, I was all gropping and sexying and he was all like "boo hoo my mom's in the next room .. boo hoo my sister's in the next room" and I was like all rubbing and touching .. and he was like "fine, I'll have to jerk off in the shower now!"..

    Oh well, guys can be a deception .. you would think they want it at every hour of the day but they come up with the lamest excuses !

  7. Hubs and I JUST had a conversation about this the other day. How funny! Amazing that men can't wait FIVE whole minutes for naughty time.

  8. So funny. And too bad for you:(

  9. OMG, that's hysterical. I would have been pissed!!!

  10. p.s. i've tagged you for an award

  11. I beg he wouldn't let you get away with it if the tables were turned! Naughty boy!! hehe x

  12. Haha, so funny! That is such a guy thing to do.

  13. Thank you so much for the laugh : ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oh, GUYS! I am so not surprised... B would do the same thing.

    But he'd try for a second round, too. Ha!

    Happy TMIT!

  15. I would have been pissed that he had taken away my sexy time b/c he couldn't wait just 5 MINUTES!!! :)

  16. hahaha omg i LOVE it. so typical!

  17. Hey, you can't let a good thing get wasted. ;)

  18. You can't argue with guy code.