Sunday, May 10, 2009

Duke almost killed me, I have a sensi, and I have fallen in love

I am In Love!!! seriously IN LOVE!!! Picture me in a meadow twirling around with my arms outstretched and a huge smile ( maybe a little singing) with a ray of light shining down on just me!

Who is my heart beating for, you ask?

Well, its my very own iPhone!!!

I never want to let it out of my has everything I could ever dream blows my mind! But, um...I am going to attend a workshop on how to use it Monday night because I am not so technologically savvy.

I could go on and on about all the apps and its different functions...but I got some more I want to tell ya about.

The Duke and I are starting to learn Tai Chi! We have this 71 year old Sensi ( the master of teaching) and to be perfectly honest he could kick both of our asses. He kept getting side tracked on "Warrior" type moves I would encourage him to go on and then ask him to show me the moves on the Duke! Which was pretty effin' hilarious. I think that the Duke was pretty surprised that this old man could take him out in two moves!

This is supposed to help my mind, body and spirit all come together ( which I gotta tell ya, it better, because I'm feeling a little schizophrenic, a little crazy, some might say a little bitchy but whatevs...)

While we were at the Sensi's home he took us around the acres his house sits on and was pointing out the different weeds and plants and what they could be used for.

Let me pause here for a little background info-

On Friday night when I got home from work I was feeling pretty lousy, aunt Flo came for a visit ( unexpectedly I might add) so I had some mighty bad cramps. ya know the kind where it feels like your insides are in knots and someone is trying to pry them apart with a crow bar or heavy duty fingernails. Anyways, the Duke was feeling pretty bad for me and unbenownst to me he did some research on the web on what could help cramps. I saw him go outside and he comes in with what looked like weeds and starts to make tea out of them.

me: "Hey what are you doing with those weeds?"

Duke: " Well...I was feeling bad for you and I read that catnip tea helps relax the uterus and its supposed to make women feel better when ...ya...know"

me: " Awww...that is sooo sweet of you!! ..I'm not sure about drinking something that was in our backyard and the dogs could have peed on."

Duke: " Oh, no it will be fine. It's boiling in hot water and I'm pretty sure the dogs hadn't peed on it"

me: " don't know that for sure and how in the heck did you know that weed was in our back yard?"

Duke: " I'm smart like that...I pay attention to whats in our back yard and I look it up." ( big grin on his face) (Ahh..yes I do not doubt for a minute that the Duke does this because thats just like him)

me: " Don't cats get stoned on catnip? Am i going to?"

Duke " That would be cool if you did! Let me know if it does and I will make some for me too"

Well....I was hurting pretty bad and probably would have drank warm piss at this point if I thought it would make the cramps better. So I did it...and it wasn't too bad. I do think it made me feel a little groggy...maybe a little stoned ( or it was wishful thinking...)

So cut to Saturday as we were walking around with the Sensi.

Duke : " Hey I know what that is. Its catnip" pointing to a weed in the ground.

Sensi: " Nope not catnip...not sure which one that is"

Me: " What?!" then I looked at the Duke with my crazy eyes " That's not catnip? What did you give me? I could have been killed!"

Duke ( backing away from me): " Well, I THOUGHT it was catnip. Isn't it the thought that counts?"

Me: "! Not if I am dead!"

***But I did think it was cute that he tried to help with my womanly the Duke

Oh and BTW...anybody who has an iPhone there a great app that you like?? ( not games) I'd love to know!!!

Have a great Monday...

The Lady Jane


  1. kind of sad there's no explanation here ... sounds like quite a story!

  2. OOoooO Do tell :) Sounds exciting!

  3. Whoops!!! Sorry for the fake out post!!!

  4. Hahaha, that's cute that he researched it. You've had some ambiguous herb to drink, I'm really glad you're still alive ;).

  5. That'a hysterical that you drank something...Hmm I wonder what it was? At least you're still alive and kicking!

    As for the iPhone, I'm jealous. Also, be careful. I have a friend who has one and he's totally addicted. He can't even have a five minute conversation without pulling out his phone to check something.

  6. What in the world did he feed you!?!? :)

    I am in love w/ my iPhone too. As for apps you've got to get Pandora Radio. It's the best! Basically you can search for bands or songs that you like and it will automatically select songs that are similar to them and then you can pick shuffle and it will play a little bit of everything you've ever searched for. So it's basically like the best radio station ever b/c it is always playing something you like and never has commercials. And if you don't like a song it picks you can give it a thumbs down and it won't play it again!

  7. Ohhh I am so jealous. I have the iTouch and while amazing, it is sooooo not the same thing!

  8. What a sweetheart that he went to all the trouble! I think in this situation it is definitely the thought that counts! Plus, you got a little "high" off of it, so no worries. :)

  9. I'm jealous...I want an iPhone. I'm locked into a contract I get a killer discount, so I stay. Boo.

  10. Try Chamomile tea that always works for me and the app that I love on my iPhone is Shazam. I'm always listening to the radio and I always forget who sings what song and I put my phone to Shazam and SHAZAM!!! it tells me.

  11. Funny post! Would love to find out what "tea" it actually was that you drank :lol:

    I got an Iphone a few months ago and am semi-addicted too...Apart from the (more mainstream) Facebook and Wordpress apps, I'm also hooked on E-Reader -for storing and reading books on my little gem of a phone {eyes twinkle} :P

    Oh and, if you are looking for a really good case get the InCase Slider with some sort of film protection (I use Power Support Anti Glare Film)