Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday: Who the hell is this?

Sad news first, Awkward news second...

this is the last Totally Awkward Tuesday for awhile...not forever!! Just until Ms. Tova Darling comes back and says "Game On". She is moving to a different state and has a ton on her plate. However, tre' exciting for her!!!!!!

I wasn't going to post today but since this is it for awhile...I wanted to do the honor of posting one more "Totally Awkward Tuesday" and since this just happened yesterday...I though it might fit the bill.

The Duke and I got this in the mail yesterday....

Nice, huh?? Beautiful invitation, looks exciting...I mean its in Hilton Head!!!

But there is one thing wrong with this....

We don't know who the hell these people are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Awkward, yes?)

As you can see there is even a picture with the invitation on one of those magnets you can put on the fridge so you won't forget the date ...obviously we need this because we FORGOT THE PEOPLE ALL TOGETHER!!

You might wonder if they just sent it to the wrong address of the person with the same name but...(insert buzzer sound) NOPE. It had BOTH of our names on it and we have different last names. Way too random.

I've been to a million weddings ( slight exaggeration) but A LOT and I have personally been IN 20 weddings ( FYI...I did a post about this...just sayin') So I know that wedding guest lists are really difficult and USUALLY you don't invite people you hardly know, but whatevs I guess.

Then I read the post card that came with it - you can see the pic...but I'm going to write it out so you can digest every sweet little word of it.

Many of our guests have enquired
For a gift idea to be inspired

Like many young couples today
We have most things anyway

If you would like to give, it is our request

For something for our Treasure Chest

A gift of Money you can afford
Is just what we need you can be assured

Without the help of this little pun
Our honeymoon would not be fun.

R they saying they can't have a honeymoon unless they get some money? Oh wait..they just won't have a fun honeymoon, yeah thats it!!

****and just to be sure- they put there address on the back in case you can't come. Klassy!

Hopefully, I will get to the bottom of it and find out who these people are and why they want my money!!

I hope they don't read blogs and see their invitation...that might be a little awkward

The Lady Jane


  1. Okay, that is just NUTS! Ahahaaa! Even with the pics you're clueless! You must get to the bottom of this and FILL US IN! Love it.

  2. hahaha oh boy, thats awkward!!! just show up n eat their food... give money based on the quality!!

    or maybe its a scam.... like a pyramid scheme...

  3. ahahaha! That is VERY awkward!

  4. I totally think it's a scam. They guilt you into thinking you forgot who they are and you send lots of money.

  5. First, that's hilarious that you have no idea who these people are.

    Second, how UNclassy can a person get to suggest that their wedding gift be money?

    Third, Hilton Head!? My grandparents used to live there!

  6. Uh... that poem? Um, no. And Hilton Head? That's supah close to me! Hope you find out who these people are soon ;)

  7. Haha, that's hilarious, has anyone come forward since reading that post?!

  8. What?!? That is bizarre. And you would think that there would be a classier way to ask for money...maybe setting up a registry at their travel agency or something????

  9. I'm with whoever said it's a scam. Regardless, they are a little but nutty.

  10. Wow, just wow... I didn't even want to put a registry in the baby shower invitations for the shower I was hosting because I thought it was tacky. That poem scrapes the very bottom of the etiquette barrel!

  11. Oh ma gawd, this is crazy! Funny, but crazy. I have never heard of anyone even putting registry info in a wedding invitation, MUCH LESS a horrible poem asking for money! I hope you can figure out who these people are.

  12. WOW! I'm thinking you met them on a night when you were highly intoxicated and exchanged addresses and full names. That's the only reason why I forget new people. Good luck finding out the mystery guests!

  13. hahaah! I agree that it must be a scam of some kind... I mean... come on. They asked you to send money lol. Definitely fill us in when (and if) you figure it out!!

  14. That..is beyond tacky! you could write them a poem back explaining why you can't go lol

  15. Oh my! That's some funny stuff.

    My hubby had a similar thing happen recently, only it involved a newspaper article that was mailed to him with a post-it note attached...the note had my husbands NAME on it, with instructions that he just HAD to read the article (from a california newspaper...about GARDENING...my husband doesn't garden!)...then the note was just signed with the letter J.

    No return address. Postmarked from California. He doesn't know anyone that lives there. (kinda creepy, weird, and oddly humorous).

    Found your blog through Handbags & Handguns...
    must say that I love it!

  16. How strange! I wouldn't be sending them a dang thing though! Even if I recognized them. I think asking for money is Tack-ay. W/ a capital T.

  17. Ummm... if you honestly don't know who they are, that's messed up, cause I gotta agree it's a scam. And if it's not, it's de-class-ay enough to ignore. Grody!

    (Though, Hilton Head IS gorgeous...)

  18. OK that is one cheeeeeeeeeeeeesy ass poem! like, greedy trying to disguise himself.

    i didn't know you were a detroiter either! lol i've been reading here for a lil while. i'm living in the downriver area now (new boston, to be exact).

  19. Oh I love this! We just got my friends invitation and it says' we have everything we need so can you get us a house in the city?' Oh sure i'll get right on that :)

    For a giggle stop by to see my top ten reasons how you know you've been in L.A. for too long.

  20. weird. i guess i'm out of the loop on wedding invites. i didn't even realize couples send pics of themselves.

    lol! and you still don't know them?! i guess it is a scam like others have said.


  21. How odd that they sent you an invitation and you don't know who they are. I would go out of pure curiosity.

  22. Wow - that IS very strange. They probably invited everyone they could possibly come up with simply to get the most amount of money possible...can't wait to hear part 2 of this story.

  23. Have you figured out who these randoms are that invited you to their wedding? How bizarre!!! :)

  24. OMG - I can't believe they had the nerve to tell you they wanted money.

    I wonder if they'll be standing at the entry of the reception with a checklist and bag looking for their $$ gift.

    If you do go to this wedding, I think a better gift is an Etiquette book.