Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me Monday - Highland Festival edition

I am a total virgin at this "Not Me Monday".....but I loved it sooo much when Gina did it that I wanted to get on the bandwagon too...and what a bandwagon...last time at looked there was 500 people on Mr. Linky's that do it!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am NOT sneaking to do this post before the Duke wakes up, because he and my parents did NOT have an intervention of sorts with me about the time I spend on the computer being in direct correalation with my weight gain ( that I have NOT been crying and complaining about for weeks now). I would NEVER complain about something and never do anything about it and drive everybody crazy with it. NOT ME.

I did NOT forget to change the oil in my new car. I certainly am not over 5,ooo miles past due. I would never do that because I know what happens when you do not change your oil ( sniff, sniff, my 1989 broncoII) I never NOT learn my lesson. I did NOT get a bunch of flak from my Dad and Duke about this. I did NOT get really mad at the Duke for bringing it up, I did NOT threatned bodily harm to him or tell him he would wish he was never born, and that our ride home was going to be hell...all 2 1/2 hrs. NOT ME!!

I did NOT sneak in alcohol into the Highland Festival Beer tent. Not ME!! They were NOT these cute little things of vodka called "porta shots" that the Duke's brother brought up from Florida. That is just childish. And I did NOT find total happinness when my friend and her husband who came with us pulled out a flask they snuck into the tent too. We would NEVER do this since that one year when we and a bunch of friends were caught using fake tickets to buy drinks and our friend who was working at the Beer tent got fired and we were almost banned. Like I said I NEVER not learn my lesson.

I definately did NOT throw up in my mouth at the Scotch tasting tent!! I did NOT say loudly enough for all the serious Scotch fantatics to hear that I thought it was the most disgusting thing I ever tasted! I did NOT take pics of everybody making the "Scotch face" after trying it. I certainly am NOT going to post them all over my facebook page for everyone to see...that's just being a bad friend.

At the end of the night I did NOT find Duke making friends with a Highland Steer and I definately did NOT freak out because he had half his body in the cage . The horns ( whatever they are called) were NOT the most mammoth things I have ever seen and could have pierced right through the Duke.!

I also did NOT laugh my ass off at the Duke when he ran around the track as fast as he can to prove his athletic ability all the while carrying his ciggarette. I did NOT make fun of his running for the rest of the night...NOT ME.


side note: I have been a terribly blogger this week and a not so great commenter. I will get back on track:))

The Lady Jane


  1. This is my favorite Not Me! post I have ever read. Thanks for the shout-out...that's icing! :)

  2. My boyfriend and parents have also declared me "ADDICTED" to the internet. Shhhh... don't tell them I'm on here right now...

  3. fabulous post!
    and i'm NOT at all jealous that you went to the Highland Festival {even if you did throw up in your mouth a bit}, because i'm certainly NOT crazy about anything and everything celtic...

  4. That is hilarious.

    And I, too, am a fellow internet addict, both self-proclaimed and often declared as such by others.

  5. I'm surprised my internet intervention hasn't happened yet. I'm sure it's coming! Great post!

  6. nice. i probably need an internet intervention. but since all my loved ones who'd participate are as addicted as i am (if not more so), it'd be kinda hard for them to complain.

    i'm with you - scotch is gross

  7. I gotta laugh at the complaining about gaining weight and then not doing anything about it. That's me...I have my pants unbuttoned right now as I type this (and I'm at work). I keep running but I just can't get this extra holiday weight off and none of my work clothes fit. I'm just not ready to give up drinking or changing my has to come off if I keep running, right?

  8. I've been terrible too. Mostly my mind just can't fathom the task of making comments. I'm working through it.

    I just had my oil changed at 6,000 miles since the last... Ooops

  9. I love this! I need to try it. I am horribly addicted to the's tragic.

  10. I didn't appreciate interventions until HIMYM classed the intervention up and took it to a new level. Now I wish someone would have an intervention for me.
    I did love this post!